This website is host to short stories, poems, and novels written by me. I hope to one day publish them.

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A Chance at Fatherhood

Searching for an End

A Lifeless Body on the Street

A Week Until the End

The Dream Journal of a Xenophile

Laughing at My Mother's Dead Body

Time to Kill



The Raven Sees All

A Family United Through Corruption

Finding My Purpose

The Land Where Time is Wasted

A Loss of Power

The Satisafaction of Insanity

Seeking Therapy

Awaiting Friendship

A Custom Order

Contacting Myself in the Afterlife

'Tis Folly to be Wise

The Horrors in the Sky

Choose Your Own

The Regrets of Dopamine

An Escape

Marking My Territory

The Best Weekend of my Life

Another Day in the Mental Hospital

The Perplexing Manifesto

I Love You

Ice Cream

The Voices Never Stop

The End of the Monster

Stop Laughing

You Promised

I Want to Leave

A Crumpled Up Research Note

How To

A Twisted Fantasy

The Real Us


I Love My Dog

Half Baked

Hearing Them Snap

The Impending Collapse

The Perfect Cipher

The Animal Council

Deus Est Machina



IQ Society

I Am a Dog

Bits and Pieces

Cold Call Killer

The Extremely Online Manifesto

All of the stories and poems on this website are works of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual events, locales, or people, living or dead; are entirely coincidental.

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